Welcome to the future of dental referrals. 

Let's face it, you may provide 21st-Century dental care, but chances are you're still using 19th-Century referral practices. Hand-written notes. Little or no follow-up. Lost or incomplete patient records. DentalCareLinks was created by dentists, for dentists. And it's simply a better way to make and receive patient referrals. Everything happens online, in the cloud. From scheduling to transferring patient care data. So there's no need for costly IT consulting or a big technology investment. Whether you're a referring dentist or a specialist, DentalCareLinks will save your staff time, streamline the process and let you focus on doing what you do best - providing better patient care and building your practice.   

What's good for patients is good for business.

Patients don't want the responsibility of carting records, X-rays and files with them to a specialist appointment. They expect that to happen in the background. When it does, they have a better experience - and that's better for business, whether you're providing referrals or receiving them.

Not just simple - affordable

DentalCareLinks is risk free (no credit card required), You can invite as many referring dentists as you like because their membership is also free. So you get a referral pipeline straight to your waiting room, and dentists get the ease and simplicity of making referrals, transferring HIPAA-compliant information and following up with patients online, in real time.

Why delay your HIPAA compliance?