Your practice needs referrals. Which is why it's important to have solid relationships with other dental care practitioners in your area. But you also need an equally solid online platform for receiving referrals, transferring HIPAA-compliant patient information, scheduling appointments and keeping track. is that platform.

Designed by dentists who've experienced the frustrating, antiquated process of making and receiving referrals, is easy for you, your staff, and your patients.

  • Build Your Network - Partner with more referring dentists in your area 
  • Be More Productive - You and your staff can spend less time sorting out referrals, more time treating patients
  • Manage Records and Files - Don't leave them to patients. Keep important records, images and files where they belong: with you
  • HIPAA Compliant - Transfer sensitive patient information in a way that's totally secure, and easy on you as well as your referring dental partners 
  • Save Time & Money - On postage, printing and other costs inherent in the paper trail
  • No Special Equipment Required - All you need is a Web browser and the Internet connection you already have
  • Completely RISK FREE - No credit card required to sign up!

Sign up for an account today. Your account allows you to invite as many referring dentists as you like, and they can use the site as much as they want, free of charge. All of which makes it that much easier to build your network - and start receiving better referrals.  

There's no reason to wait any longer sign up today! 

I love Dental Care Links. It’s so easy to thoroughly communicate.
— Sharona Dayan, Periodontist, Weston, MA